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Iceland: The Land of Fire & Ice

After visiting Swedish Lapland in 2013 and seeing all winter beauties and magnificent Northern Lights, I simply couldn’t stop myself from booking another destination to see them again. My main purpose was to see the Northern Lights once again and after I looked for Iceland photos on the web, they just amazed me. The lights can be seen from almost everywhere in Iceland and best thing is that you don’t experience extreme cold like I did in Lapland last year.

There is no direct flight from Turkey to Iceland so I had to choose a connection and that was Copenhagen, Denmark. After 3 hours flight with Icelandair, by the way it’s a very cool airline, I arrived to Reykjavik, the Capital of Iceland. Iceland population is over 330k people and 200k are living in Reykjavik and rest of them are living in rest of the country and it’s not a small island (World’s 108th ranked in total area size). They speak Icelandic language and that language is the same language of Vikings. Other Scandinavian languages are interfered with German and English, so they told me. Most of them can speak and understand English very well.

Wooden crafts is a tradition in Iceland.

On the way from Keflavik Airport to Reykjavik City Centre I’ve seen some road signs and it’s written as “Welcome to the land of Elves, Vikings”. It really makes you feel great that you are actually in the land that has been a stage for many great movies and TV shows apart from many great historical events and sagas. You can check the list by clicking here.

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