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My Summer 2012 trip was to United Kingdom. First I've been in Goodwood for Festival of Speed 2012. I've stayed at Southampton. I drove my car around Chichester and some village road. Tight roads and the scenery were amazing. It's like driving around Shire (Hobbit). My next stop was Liverpool. I just stayed one night there. It was all about rain. City was not too crowded and I think it's because I visited in the working days. However it's a lovely harbor city. Photos are mostly from Albert Dock. One photo belongs to Cavern Club. You may wonder what it is. The club had their first performance by The Beatles on 9 February 1961 so it's a very famous place in Liverpool. Some photos are from the village roads around Southern UK. I've gone to Stonehenge too but it was pouring rain so I don't have much photos from there.


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