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Jokkmokk Dogsledding

I've been in Sweden in February 2012. My purpose of visiting to Sweden was to catch the Northern Lights (as known as Aurora Borealis) and traveling around the beautiful snowy lands of Northern Sweden or as it also called Lapland or Laponia. For the first time in my life I've been up to northern side of the world and actually I even crossed the line of North Pole / Arctic Circle. There are so much wonderful places and it's hard to tell everything about anything from there. It's better to let my photos do the explaining. So first I went to Jokkmokk to attend to a traditional market week called as Jokkmokks Marknad. It's very traditional and famous and this year it was the 408th celebration of it.

Dogsledding was one of the activity I've done in Sweden. It was so fun and entertainment.Sled dogs are mostly huskies. They are so friendly and beautiful and have always eager to run. You can't take your eyes off from their beautiful blue eyes. I drove my own sled. It's easy to learn it. If you do it one day I suggest you to drive them yourself. I took this trip near Jokkmokk. We drove over a frozen lake which was nearly -35 degrees there. Scenes were just amazing. It was so cold that when I tried to capture a video with my smartphone even it had full battery of charge in it after 15 seconds of recording the whole battery had instantly drained.


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