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Northern Lights a.k.a Aurora Borealis are one of the most interesting Natural Phenomenon in the World. I've never seen such a beautiful sky event like them. It's truly beautiful and fascinating. They are literally dancing in the sky. I was lucky to see them for a night in Abisko. That day was terrible in Kiruna in weather wise. It was snowy, foggy and mostly cloudy and that makes the sky unavailable for Northern Lights. Anyway I sticked to my plan and attended to tour that goes to Abisko mountain. Abisko is the northernmost city in Sweden and very close to Norway border. The weather condition remained the same when I arrived there. I took the lift and it climbed to the top of the mountain. Because of the height the bad weather has changed dramatically. The clouds were gone and the show has just begun. Seeing the stars with Northern Lights was a precious moment for me. I never forget this experience in my life. Even while I'm writing this I wish to be there again so badly. It's hard to describe the whole experience. You really have to see with your own eyes.

Northern Lights, Travel

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