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Just Bought Samyang 14mm f/2.8 ED AS IF UMC

I recently bought this lens for my Pentax DSLRs. I red many review and comparison posts about it and in the end Samyang comes out as the best wide angle lens both for the price and quality. It’s even better than Pentax’s own 14mm prime lens.

It doesn’t have AF but focusing is easy at the manual mode. The only tricky part is focusing to the infinity. It looks like you can turn the focus ring beyond the infinity mark so you should be looking to the ring before you set the focus at infinity.

Distortion level is quite high and should be corrected via softwares. There isn’t any sign of coma which makes this lens is great for Astrophotography. Photos are really sharp and center image quality is absolutely excellent. It also has a nice bokeh. Lens flare is an issue unless you want to add it as an effect to your photos. Lens hood is attached to the lens so you can’t remove it and plug any filter.

There aren’t so much options for the Pentax in wide angle lenses. Pentax 14mm is quite expensive and Sigma has only fish eye lenses in these range. Tokina 11-16mm is one of the best wide lens in the market but they don’t produce it for Pentax mounts. I highly recommend Samyang 14mm for your DSLR. By the way it also support Full Frame Format DSLRs.

Goodwood Festival of Speed 2012

The Festival of Speed 2012

I’ve followed nearly every The Goodwood Festival Of Speed event from Internet since 2003. I knew that was not enough. Finally I found the chance to see it with my own eyes. The Festival of Speed is organizing in Goodwood, Chichester United Kingdom since 1993. I must quote the definition of The Festival Of Speed from its website.

The Festival of Speed is the largest motoring garden party in the world – a unique summer weekend that brings together an impossibly heady mix of cars, stars and motor sport ‘royalty’ to create the largest car culture event in the world. Held in the immaculate grounds of Goodwood House, this annual hill-climb event is a true celebration of motor sport and all things automotive.

The Festival goes on 4 days. Thursday is the day of Moving Motor Show. There you can see new car models and do a test drive. This is an amazing opportunity to test some fast cars. Usually you can’t find that opportunity anywhere else. Sadly I couldn’t make any test drive because I was there too late to sign up for a booking. Actually I was there at 9:00 AM but probably I should have been there much earlier.

Funfair for Cars

Every year it gets better and better also more crowded. I think this year over 160.000 visitors have attended to the festival for 4 days. It means 40.000 people per day. The Festival area is huge. It’s like a small town. If you want to be in a good vantage point for the track then you should be there earlier. Some cars get a lot of attention so they are very crowded but you can see and do everything in the Festival. All you need is a little patience and good timing.

"It’s like a funfair, only with cars." Sebastian Vettel

Friday and weekend are based on the same timetable. So all the action are repeated itself for three days except minor additions so you won’t miss any action even if you are busy with off track activities such as G.A.S. (Goodwood Action Sport) Area, Audi or Porsche Off Road Experiences, visiting Car Paddocks or Car Manufacturers showrooms etc. There is also a proper Rally Stage there you can find some historic and modern rally cars racing around the track for 3 days. Sunday is the most crowded day. The famous Hill Climb Race also takes place on this day. Top 20 cars are trying to set the fastest lap time of the Festival.

The Festival of Speed is mainly based on motorsport vehicles from Rally to Formula 1, NASCAR to Motorcycles. It has also any kind of cars from past, today and cars for the future (prototypes). This year’s theme was ‘Young Guns – Born to Win’. The Festival celebrated drivers, riders, designers and engineers from past, present and future from Motorsport. A lot of famous drivers attended to the Festival. Sebastian Vettel, Mark Webber, Lewis Hamilton, Jenson Button, Alain Prost, Sir Stirling Moss, Sir Jackie Stewart, Emerson Fittipaldi, Jesse James and so on.

Alongside this central theme, the 2012 Festival celebrated the past, present and future achievements of Lotus as this pioneering British race and sports car manufacturer marks a number of important anniversaries in 2012. Inspired by the incomparable Colin Chapman, a spectacular collection of winning Lotus cars, from F1, Indycars, saloons and sports cars, were a key attraction at this year’s Festival.

It’s very hard to write a highlight note from the Festival because there were a lot of things to see and try and time just flies away. I tried to catch every action from the Festival but I bet there are dozens things that I probably missed to see. Next year will be the 20th Anniversary of Goodwood Festival of Speed. I can’t wait!

A Festival in Photo Review

Please click each toggle section and see my The Festival of Speed 2012 photo review. All photos are categorized day by day and they are not listed in particular order.

As I mentioned before some cars and events were too much crowded. There were too many objects that blends into frame. It is impossible to avoid them unless you are an official photographer of the event. I tried to catch good shoots. I hope you you like them. Enjoy!