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Northern Norway: In Search of the Northern Lights

After Sweden and Iceland I chose Northern Norway as my next Northern Lights destination. I visited Tromsø in the first week of March, 2015. I stayed there and rented a car to travel around the city.

Tromsø is a small city so you can easily see the city in a day. However there are few museums so if you want to visit them all, it may take two days or more. Intercity transportation is very easy with city buses and most places are in walking distance.

Cloudy Tromsø at Night

When I was in Swedish Lapland people were telling me that the weather in Northern Norway are much more unstable because of close distance to sea. I knew that is bad for watching Northern Lights and it’s not always easy to run away from a bad weather system. The weather in Tromsø was very unstable during the period I stayed there. One day it was all foggy, next day all cloudy, next day clear but then mixed rain and snow started and so on. Was it cold? No. It’s certainly not that cold like Swedish Lapland. In fact the weather is like in Stockholm or Oslo. Much more calm and warmer but again people said that this year it wasn’t so cold at all. Maybe it’s a global thing because Arvidsjaur, Sweden wasn’t cold either.

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Aston Martin On Ice Experience

I recently participated in Aston Martin On Ice Performance Lapland in Arvidsjaur, Sweden. It was a 4 days of driving on ice training from morning till afternoon, including a special time trial at night. A collection of recent Aston Martin cars were in the line up. Rapide S, DB9 Coupe and Convertible, V8 Vantage, Vantage S, V12 Vantage S, Vanquish and Vanquish Volante. All cars were on spikes. The track is located in Swedish Lapland on a frozen lake over 15 km square area and it’s Aston Martin’s own lake. There are more car companies organising this kind of tests in Arvidsjaur but Aston Martin has the most special and the largest track. It has many different combination including mini version of real race tracks like Spa and Nürburgring.

I completed about 12 hours of driving in most of driving those cars in the line up. 2 persons shared a car. The training was about handling, precision, performance and of course joy. I was totally thrilled by all cars performance. Each car was very unique on ice and acted completely different than others. All electronics (DSC) were off except the night time trial. In the night time trial event I drove with DSC track mode on just to be on the safe side. Despite all the power, Aston Martin cars have an amazing handling and performance on ice and they are very solid cars. I crashed the car few times hard and there wasn’t even a scratch. All cars have an extra protection bumper in front.

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Italy "The Red Passion"

I visited Italy in May 2014. Italy is the most historical country I’ve ever visited. I don’t think there is a country that can compete Italy for its historical repertoire with all green landscape. I rented a car and traveled across the region of Emilia Romagna, Veneto, Toscana and Lazio. I stayed in Italy for 10 days and I managed to see Bologna, Maranello, Parma, Venice, Ravenna, Lucca, Pisa, Montecatini Terme, Florence, Siena, Sinalunga, Scrofiano, Rome and Nemi. Italy is a huge country and every corner there is something you should see. Perhaps a man’s lifetime won’t be enough to cover traveling all Italy. There are tons of things to tell about Italy. Food, culture, history and so on. You can find any information about Italy on the web. I will just write few words about places I’ve visited.


Bologna is a great place for accommodation and you can easily travel to nearest touristic places every day with public or private transport. Bologna is a city of students. Even late hours are very lively in the City.

Ferrari Museum, Maranello

"Logo of the World's Famous Car Brand."

There is no doubt that Ferrari is one of the most important symbol of Italy and probably World's famous car brand. You can travel to a small town called Maranello, the Homeland of Ferrari. It’s the home of Tifosi. If you have the Red Passion in yourself like I have then you must go there. It's a small town but full of Ferraris. It's also possible to rent a Ferrari and take it a drive around Maranello or even in Fiorano Test Track. I also rented a Ferrari 458 Spider and drove around the town. It has been one of the most unique experience in my whole life.

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