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A Tale of the Northern Lights

I become addicted to the Northern Lights since I've seen them the first time in my life in Porjus, Sweden 2013. Undoubtedly it's the most beautiful thing I've seen in my life. It kinda makes you shocked and speechless. You can never get enough of watching the beauty of the Lights. Despite the fact that outside is dark or frozen, you'll simply become numb to any other senses and troubles around yourself and you'll completely feel isolated and happy. It's an unfortunate that it can't be seen any time we want or anywhere we want.

I was lucky to see the Northern Lights (also known as "Aurora Borealis" or southern version "Aurora Australis") third year in a row. First Porjus and Kiruna, Sweden in 2013, secondly Skaftafell and Blue Lagoon, Iceland in 2014 and lastly Lyngen, Norway in 2015 and Alta, Norway in 2016. Below you can watch a 2 minutes long photo lapse of my photographs.

Here you can find some helpful links about the Northern Lights.

Where can I see the Northern Lights? Where did you see the Northern Lights?


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Is there any travel guide for Norway and Iceland?

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How to photograph the Northern Lights with a digital camera? How to Use Your DSLR in Cold Weather?

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Driving in Norway, is it safe to drive in Winter?
My journey from Tromso to Skjervoy via E8 on March 4, 2015.
I picked up my car from Tromsø Airport around 12:00 PM and returned to my hotel in Tromso around 02:00 AM. It was about 550 km road trip and it took me straight 14 hours of a drive with a lot of stopovers on the road. The road conditions were OK and I had zero trouble on the road. My car was VW Tiguan BlueMotion Diesel (MT) and the car was with spikes.
Northern Norway is absolutely stunning with snowy mountains, frozen landscape and beautiful fjords. Every corner has a different aspect of heavenly view. The day in Tromsø started with heavy fog, rain and snow but after a few kilometres I the bad weather has gone and it was all about the blue sky with bright sun. When I was driving my car it was like a video game with a massive dynamic weather change.
On my way back to Tromsø, there was the full moon and it was the full moon in the smallest moon size. Yes, it's called as Super Mini Full Moon or Micro Moon. At the end of the video, you'll see that I stopped in somewhere on the road. There I could manage to watch Northern Lights about 2 hours. There was a moment that outside temp was around -10C, the road was like a glass of ice and when I looked in the rear mirror Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) was dancing in the sky. That moment will remain as a priceless moment in my entire life.
The actual footage is around 2,5 hours.

Where can I find high resolution Northern Lights wallpapers?

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